There’s no question that SEO is important for businesses. In fact, it’s one of the most important aspects of online marketing. Without a good SEO strategy, your website will likely be lost in the vast sea of the internet.

rank in search engine results pages (SERPs), you can increase traffic and visibility for your business. And the best part is, SEO is a free marketing tool!

There are many factors that go into SEO, and it can be complex and overwhelming for businesses to try to understand and implement all the necessary changes themselves. That’s why it’s important to partner with an experienced SEO agency that can set you up for success.

Organic traffic is the term given to any non-paid visit to a website. This means no ad banners, no popups, and certainly not paid articles (sponsored posts).

It’s important because it builds credibility for your site. It shows that people are finding their way there on their own accord, which tells search engines like Google that your site is worth visiting again in the future. More importantly though, without organic traffic, you would have hardly any visitors at all to your website. Yes, you may get some through ads or other paid posts but it doesn’t compare to what you get from organic traffic.

High organic growth can be an indicator of high-quality content. If readers find it useful enough to share amongst their peers then this is an excellent way to grow your site.

Organic traffic also allows you to build relationships with readers, which will help to convert them into customers down the road if done right. This is one area that ads cannot reach and may actually damage your brand.

It’s not easy to get organic traffic though, especially if your site is new or does not offer anything unique in terms of content or service. That’s why it’s important for websites to focus on building up this type of traffic early on before trying other options like AdSense or other schemes that pay per click (PPC).

What are keywords? Put simply, keywords are the words you use to describe your business. These could be any number of things: a product or service that you sell, the location of your business, yourself as an individual or group – basically anything at all that can be searched online.

The truth is, if you want your website to rank well on search engines, you need to be using keywords. Not only do they help improve your ranking, but they also help potential customers find your site when they’re searching for specific products or services. In fact, research has shown that around 80% of web traffic comes from organic search results, so it’s definitely worth taking the time to get your SEO right.

SEM is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing, one of the most important marketing strategies. SEM can actually include both paid and unpaid results; it’s used to increase awareness, promote products or brands, build an audience, generate leads (conversions), or anything else that helps you accomplish your business goals.

SEM is a comprehensive strategy that includes search engine optimization, pay-per-click ad campaigns, social media marketing, link building, etc.

What are the benefits of using SEM?

There are many reasons why companies use SEM as part of their marketing strategy:

Find out what people are looking for – We all know that Google is by far the most popular search engine nowadays. People are increasingly on Google when they want to find information online. That’s why you need to be where your target audience is searching so that they can find you when looking for a product or service like yours. Whether it’s organic or paid search, SEM helps you increase the visibility of your website and get found by more people.

Increase brand awareness – You can also use SEM to help improve your brand awareness if done correctly. Search engine marketing will make sure that people will see your company whenever they search on Google (or another search engine) and rank high in the list of results; this way more and more people will get to know about your company, which is also great news for SEO.

Increase traffic to the site – Of course, the main goal of any company using SEM is to increase traffic to their website. As mentioned before, people are increasingly using Google when looking for products or services like yours; if you manage to rank high on the results of searches related to your industry niche, then this will cause more traffic to hit your website. This is good news, especially for eCommerce sites!

Increase sales – Since SEM increases the visibility of your product and gets more people visiting your site, it’s just natural that conversions will increase significantly. That’s why companies use SEM as part of their online marketing strategy.

What are the types of SEM?

There are different types of search engine marketing strategies depending on what type of paid campaigns you would like to implement: paid search (“SEM“), social media advertising, display advertising (banner ads), or email marketing.

Each type of SEM has different ways to measure the performance, like cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) etc. Use this guide to learn more about the most important paid search metrics.

What is SEO? What’s the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO is a part of what we call “Inbound Marketing” which includes all your digital marketing efforts – from social media campaigns to link building activities as well as pay per click advertising – that help you increase traffic to your website from search engines via organic results. When using Search Engine Marketing, you will be spending money on getting traffic to your site; when using SEO, you are not spending money, but rather investing time and resources to improve your site’s ranking in the unpaid search results.

The main difference between SEO and SEM is that SEM includes both paid and unpaid results, while SEO only includes unpaid results. Another way to look at it is that SEM is the umbrella term that encompasses all of your online marketing efforts, while SEO is just one part of SEM (i.e. improving your website ranking in the unpaid search results).

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